Since 1997, Starbucks has welcomed the season with a special edition red cup. Every year, Starbucks releases its classic Christmas red cup. Two years ago it angered some Christians by not containing any images of Jesus Christ or Christmas. This 2017, the creative is Jordan Kay , who is part of the Starbucks team. He explained, through a statement, that “I liked the idea of ​​having my hands in the center of the glass, as a symbol of connection, love and sharing happiness, thinking about the different scenes of the season from enjoying a cup of coffee, write Christmas cards, give a meaningful gift, or celebrate with loved ones.”

Courtesy: Starbucks
However, What Is Special About This

Glass is that it is a coloring design , a new feature that seeks to encourage creativity in consumers. The overall design of the new Starbucks Christmas cup was created to buy email list india invite our customers to continue the drawing and add their own color. We are excited by the idea that everyone can design their own glass. Said Leanne Fremar, creative director of the company. This glass will be available from next November 7 at all points of sale, as part of its special Christmas edition.

The Christmas Season Actions Are Recurring And Remembered

By consumers. Data from the Promotions and Activations Study. Carried out by the Research Department of Merca2.0. Indicate that the most attractive and remembered BTL. Actions among Mexicans are those carried out by Coca-Cola , a brand referred to by 42.9 percent of those consulted.

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