Manhattan , New York, has captured the eyes of the world today.  First, the New York Police reported multiple shots, detailing that there was at least one person in custody. New York Police Deputy Communications Commissioner Peter. Donald confirmed on his Twitter account. That they had reports of shots fired in lower Manhattan.

Later, local media reports indicate that the vehicle drove on

The bike lane of the West Side Highway, causing deaths, without so far having a certain number of victims. The Afghanistan WhatsApp Number Database driver would have gotten out of the vehicle and a police officer shot him, they took her to the hospital as a detainee. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Donald will offer details shortly at a press conference.


Meanwhile, these incidents are especially alarming in

The United States, even more so in NY, where the world learned of the effects of terrorism with the fall of the Twin Towers, a phenomenon that impacted various industries and a tragic event that marked a before and an after about it.

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