This thursday surely you have received dozens. Of emails and you have seen that the main digital. Platforms show messages of changes in privacy. Policies we explain what is happening. Today hundreds of digital services social networks. Communication platforms subscription emails and more. Are signaling that they have updated their privacy. Policies what’s going on? All this is due to the fact. That on friday, may 25, the general data. Protection regulation (gdpr) comes into force. In the european union which requires internet companies. To make good use of private data and. Not so much of users the gdpr must be complied. With by all companies that operate in the 28 countries. Of the european union and three more of. The european common market this applies to companies. Like facebook google twitter and more. Today most of the platforms are making. The necessary changes.

So as Not to Be the Victim of Fines by the European Authorities

In some cases, it is simply a message that you have to accept, in others, such as email subscriptions, you have to register again.Not all of them will be able to Spain Business Fax List comply with what European laws require and it will not be strange to see closures. Something that has already happened with Klout, the service that gave you a score of your presence in social media.

Starting Tomorrow Digital Platforms Must Have Users’ Consent

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Before collecting information that can identify or locate them, such as the location of their phone or IP address.Therefore, during the rest of the day we will continue to see messages and emails from companies that want to continue using our data, most of them for marketing and market segmentation purposes.

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