As a contractor, you cannot simply terminate the contract for services. According to the law, this is only allowed for assignments for an indefinite period, where there are serious reasons for the cancellation. You may also only deviate from this if your Denmark Phone Number List customer is another entrepreneur or company. And here too: make sure that the notice period and the financial consequences are stated in your general terms and conditions.

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Do you think you still get money for everything you have delivered so far? Then it helps enormously if you have a detailed quotation so that it is easier to determine. Which work has already been delivered. Cancel an order to deliver a product. When contracting work, an order to deliver a product, is also legally arranged. That the client may cancel at any time. Although the basic principle here is that the full agreed amount must be paid minus the costs that have not yet been incurred.

Denmark Phone Number List
Denmark Phone Number List

In this case, too, the law is not very kind to the contractor. He or she may not cancel the assignment to provide work, unless… You guessed it. It is sta in your general terms and conditions or has been agr in some other way. Don’t you have any terms and conditions yet (when typing this sentence I turned red, ahem) or are you not sure if they are completely correct?

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