The HotSale, which began today and will continue until June 1, seeks to encourage retail through digital platforms, specifically on the web. It is a strategy to increase sales among the 50 million Internet users in Mexico, according to figures from the Mexican Internet Association (AMPICI). This event is held every year since 2014. And has been given continuity thanks. To the fact that it has been an effective strategy. In 2015, the participating brands achieved sales of 383 million pesos. This idea is not new, it emulates Cyber ​​Monday in the United States.

In Which the Economy Is Activated With Sales of Billions of

Of billions of dollars, where 84 percent of the population is online, unlike Mexico, with a percentage which exceeds 20 percent. Do you play ‘Minecraft’ and need a job? This year, the Buy Morocco Whatsapp Numbers Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) expects to collect between 60 percent and 70 percent more than the 4 thousand 888 million pesos last year. 40 percent of consumers would spend more than 3 thousand pesos during.

The Hot Sale, According to a Picodi Survey. However, the

Buy Morocco Whatsapp Numbers

Execution of brands in their promotions could. Curb consumer investment since social network. Users are calling them ridiculous. Samsung This user mentions the technology from. An offer from Best Buy Mexico. In which they promote a Samsung Gear Sport with a discount of 400 pesos.

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