Capitalist states face spiraling South Africa Email List crises of legitimacy after decades of hardship and social decay wrought by neoliberalism, aggravated by these states’ inability to manage the health emergency and the economic collapse. In the aftermath of the pandemic, there will be more inequality, conflict, militarism, and authoritarianism South Africa Email List as social upheaval and civil strife escalate. The ruling groups will turn to expanding the global police state to contain mass discontent from below. Well before the contagion, the agents of this emerging global police state had been developing new modalities of policing and repression made possible by applications of digitalization and South Africa Email List fourth industrial revolution technologies.

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Such as unmanned attack and South Africa Email List transportation vehicles, robot soldiers, a new generation of superdrones and flybots, hypersonic weapons, microwave guns that immobilize, biometric identification, and more. While the ruling groups deploy the new technologies to South Africa Email List enhance their control and profit-making, this same technical infrastructure of the fourth industrial revolution is producing the resources in which a political and economic system very different from the global capitalism in which we live could be achieved. If we are to free ourselves through these new South Africa Email List technologies, however, we would first need to overthrow the oppressive and archaic social relations of global capitalism.


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The weakness of the State in an South Africa Email List underdeveloped society like Mexico is evidenced in its inability to implement the culture of peace and to submit to the rule of law the multiple factual powers that dare to escalate criminal violence in the territory. Prostrated to South Africa Email List guarantee the physical integrity of the citizen, the State is lost in the sea of ​​public insecurity – which affects the ordinary citizen – and in the militarization that just shows that inability to implement the law and the institutionalist. This scenario capitalizes on the normalization of violence that tends to take South Africa Email List root among the population.

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