Argentina and the ALBA-TCP Pakistan Email List countries, involves disputes with the US foreign policy strategy and the elites of the countries in the region. The problem continues to be in the construction of the popular political initiative, an alternative to the current order, in times of Pakistan Email List continuity of an integral, civilizational crisis, where the capitalist offensive defines an unequal course for humanity, in addition to affecting the natural metabolism from the model productive exploitation and looting. That is why the near future worries, which can be registered in the IMF’s forecasts: “… The aggregate product of the advanced economies would return to its trend trajectory prior to the pandemic in 2022, and Pakistan Email List which by 2024 would exceed it by 0.9%.

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By contrast, output from emerging Pakistan Email List market and developing economies excluding China is projected to remain 5.5% below the pre-pandemic forecast in 2024. ” [two] They are forecasts in the medium and long term, with less capacity for satisfaction for the Pakistan Email List peoples of the world, even in developed capitalism, which requires critical reflection for action that reinstates a hopeful perspective of the struggle for liberation and another social order without exploitation or looting. It is not fatal that the sum of pandemic and neoliberalism Pakistan Email List defines the course of society.


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massive discontent and protests Pakistan Email List constitute the material basis of a social subjectivity capable of assuming a programmatic proposal of socio-economic transformations and the Latin American and Caribbean region offers experiences that encourage the power Pakistan Email List of social change.On January 26, 2022, it will be 127 years since José Martí formulated a concept that acquires greater relevance in these complex moments of global crisis: “Homeland is Humanity, it is that portion of humanity that we see more closely, and in which we were born ”. As sons and Pakistan Email List daughters of the Great Homeland, of the Latin America that saw us born and sister us.

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