The amount of the operations would have Costa Rica Phone Number List represented about 12,000 million euros (more than 13,000 million dollars). Commenting on the arguments of said accusation, Radio France International reported in October 2018 that UBS would have offered “services, processes or devices designed to conceal, invest or deliberately convert undeclared funds”, via “offshore companies, monopolies or foundations.” The bank identified its potential clientele at receptions, hunts, or high-society sporting events, such as golf games. Spokesmen for the Costa Rica Phone Number List banking institution, from the outset, denied the charges, claiming that UBS always acted in accordance with Swiss law.

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And that he could not know if his clients were in Costa Rica Phone Number List order with the treasury of their respective countries. Scandal after scandal Just a week before the French appeals court’s conviction on December 13, the Union of Swiss Banks was embroiled in another public scandal. In this case, it was uncovered by the Congo Hold-up investigation in which various international press media participated, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations, including the Swiss Public Eye. According to the Swiss daily Le Temps, UBS would have received Costa Rica Phone Number List suspicious sums of money used to buy agricultural machinery for the lands of Joseph Kabila, former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),


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who held power between 2001 and 2019. According to This Costa Rica Phone Number List source, Kabila would have embezzled at least 138 million dollars during the last years of his administration. The Swiss bank did not verify the origin of the funds used to buy said machinery. The suspicious contract represented about $ 7 million, a sum that was allegedly transferred on September 25, 2012 to an account of the UBS bank in Zurich. The reason for the transaction – “purchase of agricultural equipment” – seems harmless. But, according to Public Eye, the origin of the funds – the DRC has a bad reputation among the most corrupt countries in the world – as well as the beneficiary of the transaction, should have alerted the bank.

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