That the nations of the world can increase their Argentina Phone Number List domestic product in a sustained way and the only limits are the availability of labor, capital and technology. Finally, the idea most promoted from the traditional theory is to dimension the environmental issue Argentina Phone Number List as a problem of externalities. In other words, the problem of contamination is an inherent element of the production process, as well as a problem of signaling prices. In other words, environmental services being free for the population generate an overexploitation of ecosystems. The way to solve it is with the implementation of a tax and an efficient pricing system that reflects the availability of environmental Argentina Phone Number List services.

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With this, overexploitation and the adverse Argentina Phone Number List effects of production in ecological terms are avoided. Based on this vision about the interaction between the economic and environmental systems, the problem is reduced to a question of prices and mercantile. In response, the economic policy proposals applicable to ecological deterioration implement strictly monetary compensation Argentina Phone Number List mechanisms for those affected by ecological problems. For example, carbon credits whose function is to transfer pollution permits at the cost of a certain amount of money from less industrialized countries to developed countries. Under this logic, countries acquire permits to increase their level of Argentina Phone Number List emissions beyond the permitted parameters.


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This idea assumes that the extra environmental Argentina Phone Number List damage is compensated in terms of money to the countries that do not use their emission coupons. But nevertheless, Faced with this reduction of the environmental problem promoted from conventional theory, ecological economics appears as an alternative approach to, at first, change the way of understanding the Argentina Phone Number List economy-society-nature relations and advance in the proposals in order to avoid future situations reflected in the IPCC report. This approach is institutionalized after the creation of the International Society of Ecological Economics in 1989 whose founders were Dick Nonguard, John Proops, Charles Perrings, Joan Argentina Phone Number List Martinez-Alier, Peter May, John Goody.

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