Easy-to-find information Make sure people don’t have to search. 8. Take vulnerable people into account People make certain choices when they Hong Kong Phone Number List are in certain situations. If that does happen, then it is wise to share it as soon as possible, no matter how difficult.

It may be Be Ready

More attention to our health, more meaningful and essential consumption, and no longer gathering in large groups. That sounds very nice. But if you look at what people actually do (rather than what they say), a different picture emerges. Tom van Bommel (co-founder of Unravel Neuromarketing Research) therefore expects a social rebound effect.

Hong Kong Phone Number List
Hong Kong Phone Number List

Be Ready what people lack now

They will want back to a greater extent. You can think of it as the new Roaring Twenties, a period of much freedom, consumption, and cultural expression. He predicts golden years for activities, leisure, holidays, and physical retail. You can read more about how consumers will behave after corona in his article. Striking trends in online marketing For a fresh, comprehensive look at the online marketing trends, you can read the trend overview of Joris Toonders (founder of Yonego Internet Marketing).

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