It is criticized from other coalitions and Denmark Phone Number List political sides. Sharp analysts and “ideological” opponents worry about placing limits on the Historical Pact, acting as “good advisers” but with the aim of creating chaff and confusion in the ranks of progressivism. The prospect of the March / 22 elections It is clear that the candidates who do not play in the presidential consultations in March 2022 Denmark Phone Number List are going to be weakened towards the first round. The experience of 2018 showed it this way. In relation to the legislative elections, the feedback between the congressional and presidential campaigns seems to be stronger in the traditional parties because the machinery is owned by the Denmark Phone Number List regional and municipal political gangs.

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That is why they eliminated the Law of Denmark Phone Number List Guarantees. Very surely as the polls reflect the acceptance or not of the candidates at stake, there will be many desertions in favor of one or the other candidate, and agreements and compromises will be the talk of the moment. For now it is difficult to make forecasts. The consultation of the PH will have as strong drag the candidacy of Denmark Phone Number List Petro. In the Esperanza Center the competition will be carried out mainly by Fajardo, Gaviria and Galán. And in that of the Team for Colombia, very surely the candidates with the greatest party machinery (La U and CR) and the ability to buy votes (Dilian, Char), will Denmark Phone Number List compete for that candidacy. In relation to the legislative elections,


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I only dare to propose the following Denmark Phone Number List regarding the Historical Pact. Due to the fact that this process of “meeting ” is relatively new and recent, it was very difficult to build a “total unity” around the official lists to the Senate, much more when said list is “closed” and “zipped”, to guarantee – supposedly – the election of social leaders, ethnic and women’s representations. In Denmark Phone Number List reality, the dynamics of the PH plays around Petro’s candidacy without this meaning belittling the other candidacies. It is a real and verifiable fact. What must be taken into account is that the true historic pact is being represented by many more candidates for Congress both inside and outside the Denmark Phone Number List official lists of the PH. An example of this is the list of Fuerza Ciudadana,

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