It contains highly hazardous elements Hong Kong Email List for the environment and health, and it is the waste that is most used in reuse. of its parts and materials, with 90% of its total recoverable. The materials that can be recovered are minerals, metals, plastics and printed circuits that Hong Kong Email List have a high value for the metals they contain. As it is not feasible to recover in Argentina, these circuits are exported to companies in Europe and the United States. Considering WEEE as “household waste” may imply that its risks are minimized, by collecting it indefinitely or discarding it with other waste and ending up in a sanitary landfill. In turn, considering them “hazardous waste” complicates the procedures for Hong Kong Email List transportation, collection and treatment.

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Specialists maintain that Hong Kong Email List as long as the equipment is kept whole and decontaminated, it should not be considered dangerous. Due to the lack of specific legislation for WEEE, international conventions ratified by Argentina are applied to its treatment. There were two attempts to promote WEEE management laws, but in both cases their treatment was stopped. Today the management of waste treatment is specified in initiatives of local Hong Kong Email List governments, through programs carried out by municipalities or by undertakings Hong Kong Email List covered by provincial legislation. Consumption and disposal vs. reuse and rights


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A constant of local environmental Hong Kong Email List policies is the tension between environmental care and the economic interests of productive sectors (paper, mining, agriculture). The economic systems sustained in the consumption, promote the excessive production, commercialization and disposal, and the unsustainable extraction of resources from nature. These systems propose ever shorter Hong Kong Email List product life cycles –related to planned obsolescence– and an increasing generation of waste. Meanwhile, electrical appliances and information and communication technologies in particular, have become essential tools, required to solve more and more tasks, but not for that reason Hong Kong Email List more accessible.

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