Those web portals and social media accounts Italy Phone Number List through which he manipulates the value of the bolívar will remain active, especially if we consider that it took him at least 15 years to position them in the imaginary of Venezuelans (since 2006 they have been in this Italy Phone Number List situation since green lettuce appeared). Perhaps imperialism will lower the intensity of the attack, as in fact it has happened in recent months, but the web portals will not disappear, they will be on the lookout to intensify it at the time it deems most opportune. This weapon could even remain in force in an eventual Italy Phone Number List scenario in which the right governs in our country.

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Let’s look at the case of Argentina, the Italy Phone Number List dollarblue was installed with Cristina Kirchner and did not disappear during the Macri government, despite the fact that the latter raised the exchange rate. Today, the dollarblue, with Alberto Fernández continues to determine prices in the southern country. The fact that the intensity of the attack on the bolivar has decreased in recent months, to the point Italy Phone Number List that hyperinflation has stopped, is not because imperialism felt sorry for the Venezuelans, but mainly because they have managed to push us to the limit of a deterioration of the economy. 99% of purchasing power and a production that does not exceed a Italy Phone Number List quarter of that of 2013.


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However, that does not mean that Italy Phone Number List at any time they decide to attack. Let us remember the case of Sandinista Nicaragua. In the framework of the war against the revolution, the US government blocked the Nicaraguan people; scheduled a shortage of essential goods and long lines; it financed paramilitary groups (La Contra) and also attacked the currency: the Cordoba. In fact, in Italy Phone Number List 1988 the hyperinflation induced by this attack exceeded 30,000%. Between 1988 and early 1990, the attack on Cordoba continued, although with less intensity, despite the fact that the Sandinista government, within the framework of dialogue and very naively by trusting imperialism, gave in and implemented a neoliberal package that consisted of in the freezing of wages and the privatization of state Italy Phone Number List companies and their reduction.

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