Not only does a high talent density lead to more innovation, it also makes you an even more attractive employer. Finally, talent, ambitious people prefer to work in teams with other talent colleagues. In this they can make maximum use of their capacities and they are constantly challenge. And if a hire employee turns out not to perform as perfectly as expect after all?

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Then, according to Reed Hastings, you should offer this employee a generous severance package and look for a replacement who is perfect. Freedom as a central theme in Netflix’s corporate culture Freedom is a central theme throughout Norway WhatsApp Number List Netflix’s corporate culture. In the early years of Netflix, the holiday policy was one of the first things to be abolish.

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Because if you have super colleagues and offer them sufficient context, then you should be able to trust that employees always act in the interest of the company, according to Netflix. Later, more and more control procedures were abolished, including approval for travel and expenses. The co-founder of Netflix honestly admits that this sometimes caused problems in the initial phase.

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