You can also distinguish between media expressions. What do you do when an account manager posts his self-made – not too good – photo with a LinkedIn message from your company? Nowadays anyone can quickly take a photo with a smartphone and post it online. However, people are by no means always capable of looking critically at their own photos. Problems can be prevented by making internal agreements.

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For example, you can have photos taken for your website by a professional photographer. Employees are then allowed to take and use photos for social media expressions, possibly after approval Japan Phone Number from your communication department. You could also make agreements about whether or not it is compulsory to use photos from the internal image bank. You can also place smartphone photos in it after they have been approved by the communication department. If you think carefully beforehand about what kind of photos you will and will not allow in which location, you can intervene if things go wrong.

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Want to read more about posting photos on websites? Then read: How big should your website photos be? A consciously chosen style Realize that every photo has a style. Even if it isn’t too obvious. Thinking about your company values ​​can also help you determine what kind of photography would suit them. And who can and can take those photos. This makes communication expressions better suited to your company. This will allow you to better target your target audience. And that can help you achieve your business goals better or faster. What do you want to convey? Visual communication determines the success of your communication strategy. The chosen image must ensure that your target group recognizes itself in it, and understands what it means.

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