It is a technique of Edward de Bono (no relation), creativity expert who devise the provocation technique to arrive at surprising ideas (his words). Suppose you want to get rid of many meetings (this has already work out nicely during the corona crisis, but think ahead). Then first propose to abolish all meetings. Of course that is not the solution, but by provoking someone else you are challenging to think back to an idea that is workable.

Do this together with your employees

Also read: Jan Tjerk Boonstra: “If you can let your employees flourish, you are doing great” An example of provoking On a Friday morning, a company sent all employees an email with the Brazil WhatsApp Number List message that they were not allow to meet the following week. Because they communicate it so late, the employees didn’t have the time to reschedule their meetings.

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The working material

The meeting rooms were lock and everyone had to be very creative. That week to realize their meeting work in a different way. During the evaluation of the experiment, it appear that. The guest list of a meeting was look at more selectively and some meetings were abolish altogether. Thinking back result in halving meetings in time or standing meetings. This way you can provoke many fixe patterns in your organization. So take a different look at your work content and provoke, adapt but keep changing.

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