It is estimated that since 1950 the trend Albania Phone Number List broke drastically, in addition the global acidification process in the seas has increased severely since 1970. The future is not encouraging. The report that analyzed more than 14 thousand citations of scientific Albania Phone Number List research and where 234 researchers from 66 countries collaborated, strongly points out that the current ecological damage is irreversible and there are no clear elements to think that environmental damage stops in time, on the contrary, a worsening of climatic conditions is expected. The analysis integrates a series of results generated from the Coupled Models Intercomparison Project (CMIP) of the World Albania Phone Number List Climate Research Program (WCRP).

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This model allows, thanks to the work of Albania Phone Number List collecting and building large information bases, to create models and predictions of future climatic conditions in order to have evidence of the ecological damage that the planet would face if no action is taken to stop this problem. The model predicts three types of scenarios: low, intermediate, and high greenhouse gas emissions. Regarding Albania Phone Number List time, the year 2021-2040 is considered the short term, 2041-2060 the medium term and 2081-2100 the long term. If the level of emissions, mainly carbon dioxide, continues to show the same pattern as it does today, then extreme changes are expected. Among the main catastrophic results, the planetary temperature, compared to 1850-1900, is expected to be between 3.3 ° C and 5.7 ° C higher during the Albania Phone Number List years 2081-2100, predicted in a scenario of high emissions.


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This could be avoided if emissions are drastically reduced, causing a Albania Phone Number List temperature increase of just 0.8 ° C and 1.3 ° C. It is important to bear in mind that the increase of every 0.5 ° C causes strong changes in the climatic conditions. In this way, for every 1 ° C of temperature, according to the forecasts, you can increase precipitation by 7% compared to the current level. However, if the high Albania Phone Number List emissions scenario is considered, this probability would increase to 13%. Likewise, the temperature of the oceans could increase up to eight times, while the increase in sea level could reach up to 1 meter, anticipating a high level of emissions compared to the range of 0.3 meters-0.62 meters that the Albania Phone Number List optimistic scenario poses.

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