The digital divide is exacerbated Israel Email List when connectivity is considered. In the province of Santa Fe, only 18% access a quality connection. The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) recently released the “significant connectivity standard” 7 which is defined by the type of connectivity, device used and information accessed. The statistics shared in this study show a Israel Email List higher rate of access in urban centers, in sectors with the highest literacy rates, and more among young people than in older people. Data that show the existing gaps. This reality was debated after Israel Email List the rise of telework and distance education in the context of social isolation.

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Some popular neighborhoods in the Israel Email List city of Buenos Aires reveal that 60% of households have only one cell phone. How is the appropriation of technology promoted with specific access through a cell phone? Different voices, especially from the educational field, affirm Israel Email List that access from a mobile phone promotes a consumer role, not only of technology but also of content, while desktop devices allow greater appropriation and more intensive and productive use of these resources. Device access policies The government in Argentina developed policies to Israel Email List promote access to technology, among which the Connecter Iguala (CI) program stands out,


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which distributed 5 million netbooks to Israel Email List students of public secondary schools and teacher training institutes between 2011 and 2015. It was a policy of great impact although it also received criticism among them about its policy of repairing computers, which accumulated broken in schools. Similar experiences in the region also dealt with this aspect. The Seibel program in Uruguay stood out for its planning in Israel Email List the treatment of broken devices, while CA Naima in Venezuela received criticism similar to that received by the CI. During isolation, with the growing need to work from home and to sustain education, the demand for computer repair increased both in homes and in schools, to be taken Israel Email List advantage of by students.

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