ALBA has lent its support to the Equatorial Guinea Email List peoples and governments that have requested the eradication of the United States military bases in their territories and the cessation of their military and police operations. Such is the case with the removal of US troops from the Manta military base in Ecuador and the expulsion from Bolivia of the personnel Equatorial Guinea Email List of US-backed anti-drug agencies. ALBA has promoted commercial expansion among its members in favor of greater self-sufficiency and reduction of the long-standing dependence of these countries on US markets. Likewise, the commercial exchange within ALBA has been complemented by a diversification Equatorial Guinea Email List in the external commercial partners of the ALBA member countries.

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Through the creation of the Bank of ALBA and a Equatorial Guinea Email List new regional currency (the SUCRE), ALBA is providing an alternative to the traditional dependence of Latin America to the international financial institutions counterparts of the status quo, which so many believe are Equatorial Guinea Email List under the control cash from the United States and Europe. We consider that some of the key characteristics of ALBA are solidarity and opposition to United States interference. In 2021, the Alliance was strengthened with greater dynamism and the coordination of actions Equatorial Guinea Email List such as, for example, the creation of a humanitarian fund for vaccines and medicines against Covid-19.


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The support to the people and government of Equatorial Guinea Email List Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during the volcanic eruption and the holding of various forums to promote cooperation in social and economic programs. In the current context, support for Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and other emerging countries with Socialism as their flag, implies speaking out in favor of sovereignty, self-determination Equatorial Guinea Email List and social justice, not only of the members of ALBA, but also of the Most promising region in the world and the future of the human race: Latin America and the Caribbean. Summit in commemoration of its seventeenth anniversary. ” 17 years in defense of peace and Latin Equatorial Guinea Email List American and Caribbean integration.

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