Reality denies them. The optimism seems to be Ecuador Email List attenuated with the rise in prices and the slow recovery of employment, especially in the hegemonic power: the US, and hours ago, Jeremy Powell, head of the Federal Reserve (FED), the US central bank Ecuador Email List said: “The economic recession has not fallen equally, and those least able to bear the burden have been hit the hardest. In particular, despite progress, unemployment continues to fall disproportionately among African Americans and Hispanics. ” [two] It is clear that first the sectors with the highest incomes are recomposed and among these the owners of concentrated capital, whose income from the ownership of the means of Ecuador Email List production is defined in improvements in profits and rents, in land or in money.

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Among other issues, an income Ecuador Email List distribution mechanism comes from the relative price system, deteriorating the purchasing power of wages and fixed income, without prejudice to the impact of those entrepreneurs associated with the purchasing power of popular Ecuador Email List income (salaries, pensions, social plans). Follow the head of the FED: “Supply and demand imbalances related to the pandemic have contributed to notable price increases in some areas. Supply chain problems have made it difficult for producers to meet strong demand, especially for goods. Rising energy prices Ecuador Email List and rents are also driving inflation up.


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” According to this reasoning, demand is Ecuador Email List greater than supply and therefore prices rise, even though it makes explicit that together with the rise in prices of “energy” the increase in “rents” must be computed. Powell completes: “As a result, headline inflation is well Ecuador Email List above our long-term goal of 2 percent, with the consumer spending price index up 5 percent for the 12 months ending in October.” He adds that the problem can be prolonged and maintains: “… the factors that push inflation up will last well into next year.” It is interesting to listen to the US Ecuador Email List federal banker when he raises his forecast based on the data of the present and points out:

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