Break Provide a handout and allow a few minutes to read. Search YouTube for a video with a countdown timer and turn it on. It’s nice to take a look away from the screen. In addition, it offers some peace and quiet and not all talk again. This is also useful for people who do not like to react primarily to think for a while. Optionally ask to click ‘raise hand’ when someone is ready or to tap an exclamation mark in the chat. 2.

Just Certain Conditions

Send a physical item If you send a physical object, you can also do an assignment with it. Also good to take your eyes off the screen. For example, you can send a small whiteboard and ask to put an opinion or score on it and hold it up. Or a white T-shirt with a marker on it. But also Australia WhatsApp Number List discussion points in a nice physical handout or as a kind of workbook can be nice to get started in a different way. You can also agree that if you see the sign with ‘on!’ keep it up others should quickly write it down and hold it up.

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Let’s talk Certain Conditions

The last one to do that treats. Handy if you feel that the attention is slackening a bit. 3. Let everyone take a turn In many discussions, the person who says something first determines the conversation. This is sometimes slowed down in meeting exercises with a talking stick . In online meetings, participants are often more careful not to interrupt each other. After a block of explanations, it is a great idea to click on ‘raise hand’ and divide the turn among participants.

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