This is where Snickers probably went viral unintentionally. They withdrew this controversial ad within days of its launch. Profusely apologized for any “misunderstanding that may have been caus. After the 20-second clip was widely condemn for being homophobic. The ad shows gay Spanish influence Less Gimbals ordering a sexy orange juice. Throughout camp , while a friend exchanges surpris looks with the waiter.

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He responds by handing Gimbals a Snickers ice cream, and after one bite, Gimbals changes into a bearded man with a deep India Phone Number voice. “Better?” asks the friend. Better the man replies as the tagline reads. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Marketing the Rainbow from representation to respect. This slogan has been use by Snickers for years, including in very funny Super Bowl commercials with the likes of Betty White , but also Liza and Gareth made an appearance, as did Joan Collins : everything revolves around the “Diva” theme and not be yourself. The ad was heavily criticized, with some calling for a boycott.

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Not only the ‘COX of Spain’ respond, but also the Spanish minister for equality, Irene Monterey, contribut. “I wonder who would think it a good idea to use homophobia as a business strategy,” she said on Twitter. “Our society is diverse and tolerant. Hopefully those who have the power to decide what we see and hear in advertisements and TV shows will learn that too.” The incident came shortly after Spain was rocked by the fatal beating of a young man in a homophobic assault. The murder sparked nationwide protests and was part of a series of homophobic attacks.

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