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While I have spent the past few years trying to understand whether, why and how brands target the LGBT consumer (visitor, member, subscriber, reader, customer, client, guest, viewer, listener), videos have Hong Kong Phone Number been an important source of information. . First TV commercials, then online commercials, then clips on social media… And in recent years mainly lifestyle videos that are sometimes minutes long. Documentaries or even entire series of portraits and stories.

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YouTube channel as archive At first it was a search. Where it sometimes took a lot of effort to find something. That was written about in an article or on social. I then started a YouTube channel to serve as an archive. What started with the popping up of an obscure video – certainly in the period before 2015 when the material was still quite scarce I got 14.3 million impressions, 3.2 million views, 55,500 hours of ‘viewing pleasure.’

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