Snap and universal pictures hosted a first-of-its-kind virtual concert to promote . The forthcoming rom-com film marry me,” per details emailed to marketing dive.  Brazil Phone Number Marry me” stars jennifer lopez and maluma. Avatar forms of their characters from the movie took the virtual stage on feb. 3 at 8 p.M. Est.  Among other interactive elements. The virtual concert comes Brazil Phone Number amid increased marketer activity in . The metaverse and features new songs from the “marry me” soundtrack (out feb. 4). The film will be in theaters and stream on nbcuniversal’s peacock on feb.

Dive Insight Universal, Snap and Oz Are Taking Brazil Phone Number

Marry me to the metaverse for a virtual concert featuring jennifer lopez . And maluma that is tied to the film’s premise. In “marry me, The multi-hyphenates Brazil Phone Number play musical superstars who are set to get married on stage, with lopez’s character deciding to marry a stranger in the audience (owen wilson) when she learns maluma’s character has been unfaithful. In conclusion, snapchat users can get the full virtual concert experience by appearing in the crowd in bitmoji form. Attendees Brazil Phone Number can also release virtual doves when lopez performs a love song, trigger lasers and a host of other actions, such as doing virtual dance moves and blowing bubbles. In conclusion, the interactive elements demonstrate some of the strengths of the metaverse,

At Universal, We Are Always Looking for Groundbreaking Brazil Phone Number

Brazil Phone Number

Ways to engage audiences. Snapchat continues to deliver innovative, creative ways for us to do just that, for instance, alex sanger, executive vice president of global digital marketing at universal pictures, said in a statement. While brands including mcdonald’s and miller lite Brazil Phone Number have headed to the metaverse as a way to connect with digital-first consumers, many people still might not be familiar with the concept. Activations like the “marry me” virtual concert could serve as a gateway to the metaverse by incorporating familiar tech like snapchat and bitmoji.

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