What is needed today to expand Jordan Email Address reuse? A change in the behavior of the population (which involves individual responsibility), the focus on the environment, employment, and the way in which people access and use technologies (responsibility of companies that produce, use and treat electronic waste) and a state that regulates and articulates Jordan Email Address the electronic waste value chain (government responsibility). What is at stake is our future, the future of our communities, the future of the whole world, which will be sustainable if all parts are sustainable. Our future, today even more threatened by a virus that challenges us to do things differently: “We will save Jordan Email Address ourselves from the virus.

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The world as it is, as it is governed Jordan Email Address by corporations and not financial capitalism “, says an Argentine journalist in an accurate and thoughtful note entitled Our future. “I am left with that minimal portion of cultivated land, with the notion of space, geography, border, I am left with the body that is not split from technology, from garbage. (…) The sea, the mountain, the desert are what remain. Almost the Jordan Email Address only thing we can look and feel to seek peace these days is the sun that enters through our windows, reaches a corner of our confines and fills our lungs with extreme vitality, keeping us away from nightmares, taking away our fear. The resistance is Jordan Email Address just beginning.


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And in its DNA it is viral and Jordan Email Address revolutionary.13 Proposed actions Many challenges arise at the intersection of environmental, labor and access. We highlight: > The need to disseminate information on the problems generated by the consumption of appliances and benefits associated with reuse. > The promotion of the local look. It is necessary to debate the regulatory frameworks from each territory, according to local experiences, their limitations Jordan Email Address and requirements (financing, training, technical assistance). > Make visible the work of collectors, reclaimers and recyclers, as well as the social responsibility of the different stakeholders involved Jordan Email Address regarding waste. It is necessary to analyze motivations to fulfill them and evaluate incentive systems

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