The potential benefits of digitization for Singapore Phone Number List growth, well-being, and sustainability depend on policies that shape factors such as the degree of technology adoption, people’s capabilities, the productive structure, and a governance that addresses emerging Singapore Phone Number List challenges. These challenges include market concentration, cybersecurity, employment and automation, privacy, personal data security, and digital taxation. Without a comprehensive perspective on digitization, the positive effects could turn into adverse factors in terms of concentration and inequality. For example, large segments of society could be deprived of various kinds of online services, or employment levels Singapore Phone Number List could be affected due to lack of digital skills.

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Productive gaps between large and small Singapore Phone Number List companies could also widen, limiting even their ability to create commercial, technological and productive links. This is particularly relevant in the case of small and medium-sized companies that are in a process of transition to development. In this transition, low productivity, high social vulnerability, institutional weakness and environmental Singapore Phone Number List unsustainability still constitute unsolved problems that stand as true traps to the benefits of digital transformation. Access: the pending The two years of the pandemic have precipitated digital transformation and its mainstreaming throughout the economy, thereby strengthening the link Singapore Phone Number List between digitization and development.


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The measures of isolation and physical Singapore Phone Number List distancing made online channels privileged in various activities, both commercial, productive and social. The telecommunications and internet infrastructure came to occupy the center of our lives. COVID-19 has Singapore Phone Number List highlighted the potential of digital solutions to support activities of all kinds and contribute to the exercise of fundamental rights such as education and health. At the same time, he has exposed the importance of digital gaps and limitations in access to good internet services as Singapore Phone Number List conditioning factors for social inclusion and economic growth.

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