In this sense, the Convergence Czech Republic Email List ratified its repudiation of “the mafia led by Juan Orlando Hernandez” and warned of the possibility that, in view of an imminent defeat, “he may orchestrate a new and violent electoral fraud by manipulating the voting process and vote counting”. Finally, they made a vehement call to the Honduran people to “mobilize Czech Republic Email List massively to the polls” and defend their vote “from these anti-democratic machinations”. They also urged them to punish with their vote “the criminal group that has hijacked the State” and to vote for those candidates “who have shown firm signs of being against the narco-dictatorship, of fighting against corruption Czech Republic Email List and for the defense of national sovereignty”.

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Violence against human rights defenders Czech Republic Email List Several international reports, including “Last Line of Defense” published this year by the British organization Global Witness, point to Honduras as one of the most dangerous places in the world for human rights defenders, especially for those who defend land and common wealth. The emblematic cases of the murder of Berta Caceres, the disappearance Czech Republic Email List of the Garifuna activists of Trunfio de la Cruz and the illegal imprisonment of the eight water and life defenders of Guaiol are a clear example of what is happening in the country. The use and abuse of the justice system and the collusion of the State with extractive companies are two Czech Republic Email List of the elements that characterize the systematic violation of human rights in Honduras.


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According to Global Witness, in 2020 at least 129 Garifuna Czech Republic Email List and indigenous people suffered attacks for opposing extractive projects and 153 defenders have been murdered in the last decade. In addition, the Center for Information on Business and Human Rights (Cider) points to Honduras as the country with the most judicial harassment against human rights defenders. The situation of Czech Republic Email List women and LGBTI people is also dramatic. The Women’s Human Rights Observatory of the Women’s Rights Center (CDM) reports that in the first five months of the year, the Public Ministry registered a total of 1,423 complaints of sexual crimes (9.5 per day). Of these, 1,238 were attacks against Czech Republic Email List women (8.1 per day) and 63.4 percent (785) were against minors.

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