Along with these key moments there Sweden Phone Number List were also other relevant junctures at the polls, such as the forceful but also controversial reelection of Ortega in Nicaragua, the massive superiority of the Bolivarian forces in the regional elections in Venezuela and the Sweden Phone Number List regrettable opposition advance in the legislative elections in Argentina. Also relevant have been the independence of Barbados from the still present British colonialism in the Caribbean, the widespread National Strike in Colombia, the mobilizations in hundreds of cities in Brazil and the signs of popular strength in the Sweden Phone Number List face of reactionary attacks in Bolivia and Cuba.

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At a general level, the leading role Sweden Phone Number List of a new generation, of women and of multiple social movements, as actors determined to face a plutocracy of graying men, representatives of a callous political form, is noteworthy. In the framework of a systemic crisis Sweden Phone Number List of terminal proportions and in the face of this innovative “rebellion of the masses” with a young and feminine face, but also plurinational, territorial, with a strong environmental sense and contrary to all forms of discrimination, the established powers defend themselves with various stratagems, such as the green and digital reconversion of capitalism or the anachronistic Sweden Phone Number List and ultra-conservative options.


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In short, the new world is already Sweden Phone Number Listappearing and the monsters are no longer those of Gramscian chiaroscuro, but the manifest resistance of the old power that refuses to yield. Reflection on power The joy is, in these circumstances, for Sweden Phone Number List having prevented in various places that that old de facto power also has the formal reins of the State as a simple extension of its desire for accumulation and preservation of privileges. Even so, it is clear that the mere executive power of the government does not in the least guarantee effective governance and the Sweden Phone Number List possibility of undertaking programs favorable to popular demands.

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