Peasants and other people living in rural Benin Email Lists areas have the right to land, individually and/or collectively, (…) including the right to have access to, sustainably use and manage land and the water bodies, coastal seas, fisheries, pastures and forests therein, to achieve an adequate standard of living, to have a place to live in security, peace and dignity and to develop their cultures”, and recommends that States Benin Email Lists carry out agrarian Reforms, to facilitate equitable access to land and its social function by avoiding concentration. This article is vital in the current context of land concentration and land grabbing. In Latin America, 1% of landowners concentrate more than half of the agricultural land, and the region has the Benin Email Lists most unequal land distribution in the entire planet:

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the Gini coefficient -which Benin Email Lists measures inequality, 0 for equality and 1 for extreme inequality- applied to land distribution in the continent reaches 0.79, well above Europe (0.57), Africa (0.56) and Asia (0.55). Land concentration is a structural barrier to the development of a nation and to the full enjoyment of the rights of peasants. Article 19 states: “Peasants (,,,) have the right to seeds (…) The right to the protection of traditional knowledge relevant to plant Benin Email Lists genetic resources for food and agriculture; (…) The right to participate in the making of decisions on matters relating to the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.” Faced with the permanent advance of transnational corporations in the appropriation of genetic material and strong pressures for Benin Email Lists seed laws that endorse them in this barbarity, this article takes on special relevance.


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Faced with a global food system that Benin Email Lists deepens its concentration at all levels with a tendency to transform food into commodities oriented to financial accumulation, the fight against hunger is fundamentally political. In this direction we can summarize some challenges of the people’s movement in the struggle for food sovereignty: – The protection and development of the local market, promoting Benin Email Lists local markets and guaranteeing a pricing policy in line with production costs, to ensure the adequate standard of living of producers and access to food for consumers. – The participation of peasants, cooperatives, small and medium producers in the construction and implementation of agrarian Benin Email Lists policies, as well as of consumers and the population in general in the elaboration of policies for food access and trade.

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