Both the investigations carried Costa Rica Email List out by US prosecutors and the media Pandora Papers investigation revealed the connection between the Rosenthal family, one of the richest in the region, and several offshore companies that may have been used to launder money. Programs and proposals In her government Costa Rica Email List program, Xiomara Castro points out the need to rebuild the democracy broken by the 2009 coup and to re-found the country through a Constituent Assembly that “gathers all sectors to agree on the legal bases of their future Costa Rica Email List coexistence in a new consensual order”, leading the nation towards the construction of a democratic socialist state.

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While, by contrast, both Ashura Costa Rica Email List and Rosenthal propose the same worn out neoliberal recipes that have led Honduras to be among the poorest and most unequal countries of the continent. “Xiomara proposes a government of national reconciliation that includes all sectors of the opposition. A government that aims to overcome these disastrous years that have deepened the neoliberal model, privatizing services, ceding national Costa Rica Email List territory, handing over public goods, expanding extractives, putting national sovereignty up for sale,” said Gilberto Ríos, candidate for congressman for Libre. The social movement leader explained that Libre’s Costa Rica Email List government plan proposes to move from a deeply oligarchic State to a democratic socialist one.


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Among many other points, it intends to Costa Rica Email List repeal all those laws and reforms approved by the dictatorship, which deeply harm the interests and rights of the immense majority of the Honduran population. Thus, we are talking about, among others, the Hourly Employment Law that deepens labor insecurity and annuls the rights of workers, the Secrecy Law that blocks public auditing of State funds, as Costa Rica Email List well as the Surveillance Law that allows spying on the political opposition and too the Organic Law of the Economic Development Zones (ZEDEs) that violates national sovereignty. It is also expected to reverse reforms made to the Penal Code that criminalize social protest and Costa Rica Email List mobilization. “It will be a more redistributive government.

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