During the morning of this Tuesday, as a sponsored trend, the hashtag. Appeared as a topic of interest. The label presumes to be part of the promotion. Strategy carried out by the streaming music. Platform to promote the update of its application. In which users who access it for free could. Access various functions that until now. Were only available to users of pay. Until now -and once again indicating that it is a sponsored trend-, the hashtag. has generated one million 086 thousand 141 impressions with a total of 658 thousand 662 accounts reached, according. The comments that revolve around the label are diverse. However, the claims of some users. Who are dissatisfied with the measure. Of opening some functions for the free version are striking.

In This Sense, Although Some Consumers Are Learning About This

Initiative thanks to this effort, many others who are subscribers of the service in its premium version have claimed the brand for the measure, which has been described as a betrayal. In this sense, it is important to mention that the Buy Kenya Whatsapp Numbers functions that the new version of the app left open for free users are the following:It removed the limits of listening to songs in shuffled mode and released more music on demand. Even without paying, users will be able to listen to 15 most popular playlists, including Discover Weekly, which represents about 750 tracks or 40 hours of music each day.

They Will Also Be Able to Access Assisted Playlists, a

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Recommendation system that will use all. The playlists that the user has created. Including their titles and songs. To add a new title to a playlist. There will also be a new low data consumption mode. Which will make playing songs use up to 75 percent less data. With this feature, free users will have an alternative to paid downloads that will allow them to avoid spending their monthly fee on music playback when they don’t have a Wi-Fi at hand.

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