That is either the physical work environment (models 1 and 2) or the digital work environment (models 3 and 4) and all models have more or Tunisia Phone Number List less flexibility. Rebecca Hinds, in an article on Inc., looks at it in a slightly different, and perhaps better way, and also adds a fifth form. She talks about how much flexibility employees have (or not) in choosing where and how they work.

The Electronic digitally is paramount

The office is the central place, working in the office is the starting point. Employees can choose when and how often they work where. Remote-friendly or room for employees, but also limitations. A mix of office and remote working. Remote first, working digitally is paramount, the office is optional.

Tunisia Phone Number List
Tunisia Phone Number List

Examples of hybrid organizations Miller also posted about 5 hybrid working methods based on 5 examples from large organizations. He distinguishes Financial institution Citigroup: a real 50-50 mix. Software company Microsoft: part-time remotely or with manager approval. Supermarket chain Target more decentralized.

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