Vans or those used by sales representatives is a relatively cheap form of advertising. Depending on the technique used, in a specialist plant we will pay from PLN 10 to even PLN 100 per square meter of foil. To this you should add labor and depending on the type of car, the selected foil and the complexity of the pattern, we will pay for such a service from PLN 3,000 to PLN 6,000. However, this is a one-time expense. Rigid and cast film – what to choose? We have two basic types of foil that are used to wrap cars for advertising purposes . The first is a rigid foil , which is used to cover flat surfaces (e.g. under the handle). Its cost is relatively low, because we will pay from PLN 5 to PLN 25 per square meter of this material.

Compared to cast foil it is thick

Because it is 0.07-0.10 mm. Thanks to this, however, it is an extremely durable and tear-resistant material. Rigid foil is used for partial gluing of Logo Designs Service the car rather than a complete change of its color. It is put on the car body while wet, then tightened with a heat gun, and any bulges are smoothed out with a tray. The second type is cast film , which is thinner than rigid and no more than 0.05 mm thick. It is very plastic and can be precisely adjusted on various planes. Due to its thickness, it may be less durable than rigid foil, but its location gives a more satisfying effect on the whole car. The cast foil is glued warm, and thanks to this, it properly covers a given part of the car. Inequalities that may appear are leveled by specialists with a tray.

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If you want to cover the whole car

It is better to choose a cast film, and if only a fragment, then a rigid one. It is worth knowing that you cannot wrap the plastic parts of the car, because the Mailing Data Pro foil is not able to stick to them. How to prepare an advertisement for car wrapping? It is worth commissioning a professional agency to prepare the advertisement. But also make sure that the creation includes a catchy slogan. A description of our products or services and a properly exposed. Contact telephone number, e-mail address or website. Before we come to the company that will wrap our car, it is worth. Washing the car thoroughly and degreasing the entire body. If we want to keep the advertisement in an impeccable condition for a long time. We should avoid automatic car washes and choose touchless ones.

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