5. Make use of PR The same survey also found that 53% of people like to keep up to date with world news during the summer holidays. This is mainly done Latvia Phone Number List via websites (61%) and social media (41%). In a previous article, I already talked about thought leadership and PR.

To Reach the summer period

This would be a good time to hit the news and invest in PR. News is still consumed during the summer period. If you still want to reach your target group, PR would be a very smart move. 6. Catching up on seasonal events There are also events going on during the summer period. Think of the European Championship, the Olympic Games, or the Tour de France.

Latvia Phone Number List
Latvia Phone Number List

You can do something with this to attract the attention of your target group. You can create content specifically for these events. Suppose you are a marketing agency, for example, you could write an article about how the European Championships are deploying their marketing this year. You could also do giveaways on social media, where your audience has to guess the outcome and win prizes.

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