The March showed that there Lithuania Email List are leaders in the Bolivian Revolution and that a good part of the 55% who supported the MAS in 2019 actively support Arce and Evo. Each one of them today has a very different role than the one they played a few years ago, and this march has shown that each one occupies a Lithuania Email List different but complementary political role. More than a year after the recovery of democracy in Bolivia in the hands of President Luis Arce and his Vice President David Choquehuanca of the Movement for Socialism MAS Lithuania Email List party, the country has managed to overcome the economic crisis.

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The growth of the economy reached more Lithuania Email List than 9% in the last twelve months, the reduction in unemployment went from 10.5% in 2020 to 6.5% in 2021, the trade balance had a surplus of 340 million dollars, inflation is controlled at 3.1 %, the exchange rate remains Lithuania Email List stable at 6.96 and mining, manufacturing, construction, services and commercial activities had a very important rebound; all this driven by the central role of State policies and the strengthening of the internal market. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, faced with assertive Lithuania Email List planning, the mass vaccination allowed to exceed 60% of the target population,


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The improvement of hospital Lithuania Email List infrastructure and medical safety, the provision of medicines, timely care and Social health campaigns have made it possible to significantly reduce disease levels, with positive effects on economic activities. Even so, the destabilizing conspiracy of the conservative civic, political and media opposition continues; having several Lithuania Email List important challenges to deepen the revolutionary process, with industrialization, the social redistribution of resources, and the acceleration of the participatory democracy of national-popular self-determination. But the disaster produced by the Coup d’état of November 2019 and the de Facto Government Lithuania Email List of Jeanine Áñez,

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