With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, and a must-have platform for any brand looking for a communication channel that increases its reach and attracts the largest number of consumers. Ways to increase user engagement include:

– Post less

– Post when your followers are online

– Create specific content for Facebook

– Create new videos

– Make broadcasts or use Live streaming

– Create conversations and collect opinions

– Improve your publications constantly

– Recycle and rework your best posts

– Study your competition

– Experience new content

– Try to answer all the comments

– Offer/raffle gifts

– Create a group for your most assisted consumers of the brand

According to Buzzsumo, Increasing Engagement on Facebook

Brand pages is the social network’s unfinished business since the Buy Germany Whatsapp Numbers first quarter of 2017, as it has dropped 20 percent since then. The good news is that the social network. Is the internet’s most important platform.

For a Purchase Decision, as Visenze Recently Revealed,

With 44 percent of 2 billion users checking Facebook more than 5 times a day, which causes that a third of them end up buying or relating to a purchase of a product or service on the social network.

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