These Core Web Vitals will be expanded over time when other components can be made measurable. This also indicates that a website without too many barriers is becoming increasingly important.” But the basics of SEO don’t change Italy Phone Number List just create great content! Rutger: “Google is working on a multi-year plan and trends are rarely really trends.

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New functions are not added, just like in YouTube or Snapchat. Ultimately, just like 20 years ago, SEO is all about: Good search terms good site strong content Good links to the site “Google may be checking things a little differently now and cheating is getting harder and harder. But this is and remains the basis.

Italy Phone Number List
Italy Phone Number List

So my advice: read less about SEO and just create great content for the people you want to reach. So hopped, fast internet block and content! ” Woman holding cookies in front of her eyes. The cookieless future In 2020, Google announced that Chrome will block third-party cookies. Initially, this “Google Privacy Sandbox Update” was planned for early 2022, but has been delayed by at least 2 years.

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