More accurately call him a reproducer. THE SUPERIORITY The wellknown icons which depict the Apostles with the Holy Spirit like a tongue above their heads graduating them seem to have influenced many people who believe that this is how the God of Art and artists are inspired. The notion that the artist is helplessly waiting for inspiration to touch him gives art a charming metaphysical dimension but it is far from the truth. The artist produces work by combining his mind senses and psyche. The individual cultivation of these three elements as well as their coordination is required to produce a work.

Cultivating technical means

Thinking about the nature of the artistic medium and the world the liberation and respect of the psyche only work within the artistic act. Inspiration is a Banner Design product of the artistic act. In other words the phenomenon of discovering what one desires inside and not outside the artistic process is established. Not before not after not at the same time. Inspiration therefore the existence of which is unequivocally established from the result should not concern the artist. The artistic work will reveal it to him. It does not exist outside of it. The exercise of the medium is at the same time part of the inspiration. In other words the artist places himself in conditions of inspiration which are nothing more than conditions of work. SUBJECTFORMCONTENT.

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The public towards

The photograph is completely captive to its verisimilitude and the depicted subject. And This Despite the Fact That Especially. Photography Much More Than Cinema. Theater or Literature is Nothing More Than a Trace in the Sense of a Point of Reality Through a Trace in the Mailing Data Pro Sense of a Minimum of Truth. The First Way to Begin to Approach the Specificity of the Photographic. Imprint is to Begin to Understand the Importance of the Morphological. Elements That Make Up a Photographic Image. In Other Words to Understand That a Photograph in Order to Exist Beyond the . To Understand the Importance of the Four Sides the. Shooting Angle the Choice of the Specific Lens the Depth of Field the Degree of Contrast the. Arrangement and Juxtaposition of the Volumes Etc. The Realization of These Elements is Such an Important Revelation for the Viewer That He. Now Directs His Interest Almost Exclusively in the Area of ​​form Tending to Nullify. The Importance of the Subject.

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