Ask the applicant questions such as. Which website do you often visit? Which digital marketing influencers do you follow on Belize Phone Number List social media? Do you contact them? Which agencies do you look up to? Are there any marketing trends that grab your attention?

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Don’t hold back from having a conversation when interesting topics come up. It is possible that your conversation partner starts talking about matters that would not otherwise be discussed! Looking for a digital marketer? Pay attention to intrinsic motivation Finding that one white raven is not always easy for companies.

Belize Phone Number List
Belize Phone Number List

Finding out whether someone is in line with your company culture and has the right qualities is difficult. It may take some experience before you can easily fish out ‘the toppers’. Nevertheless, I am convinced that these tips form a strong basis for expanding your recruiting process. The focus here is not the experience and technical knowledge that someone has, but the intrinsic motivation.

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