Talking about social networks today implies something that goes beyond social media. Especially considering the power they have acquired for the consumer and their link with brands, which are increasingly looking for better opportunities to gain loyalty and formalize that relationship. For them, reaching through mobile devices and applications can be a priority to have a better understanding of how they perform in this type of format. Since it can work as a way to design new tactics.

To get into context a bit, the world population is just over

7.5 billion people and Internet users number 3.7 billion. According to Statista estimates. For its part, digital consumers who use social networks are approximately 2.7 billion users , of which Facebook has just over 2 billion active users per month, according to australian consumer email lists figures up to June. However, something that should be pointed out is the number of mobile devices used. There are just over 5 billion mobile users on the planet.


Of These, At Least 80 Percent Of The Time That Users Spend

With their smartphones. To be used  social networks must collect some of the users. Personal information, but there are other apps that collect more. According to data from a study prepared by the cyber security firm these would be the easiest to hack.

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