Recently, however, prominent figures in Grenada Email List Washington have begun calling for “strategic clarity” instead, all but guaranteeing a military response to any Chinese strike against the island. “The United States needs to be clear that we will not allow China to invade Taiwan and Grenada Email List subjugate it,” Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton typically said in a February 2021 address at the Ronald Reagan Institute. “I think the time has come to be clear: Replace strategic ambiguity with strategic clarity that the United States will come to the aid of Taiwan if China was to forcefully invade Grenada Email List Taiwan or otherwise change the status quo across the [Taiwan] Strait.”

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President Biden, too, seemed to Grenada Email List embrace just such a position recently. When asked during an October CNN “town hall” whether the United States would protect Taiwan, he answered bluntly, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” The White House would later Grenada Email List walk that statement back, insisting that Washington still adheres to the Taiwan Relations Act and a “One China” policy that identifies both Taiwan and mainland China as part of a single nation. Nonetheless, the administration has continued to conduct massive air and sea maneuvers in the waters off Grenada Email List Taiwan, suggesting an inclination to defend Taiwan against any future invasion.


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Clearly, then, Chinese policymakers Grenada Email List must count on at least the possibility of U.S. military intervention should they order an invasion of Taiwan. And from their perspective, this means it won’t be safe to undertake such an invasion until the PLA has been fully intelligentized — a Grenada Email List milestone it will achieve in 2027, if the Pentagon analysis is correct. The road to World War III Nobody can be sure what the world will look like in 2027 or just how severe tensions over Taiwan could be by then. To take but one example, the DPP could lose to the KMT in that island’s 2024 Grenada Email List presidential elections, reversing its march toward independence.

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