The world population is currently 7,350 million people. It will be 8,000 million, according to data. From the United Nations Organization. Clearly, the previous thesis shows that promotion. And commercial positioning strategies. Can be expanded In different directions. The rate of consumption may have a boost with the growth of technological use by the industry.


Even Consumer Confidence Also Has a

According to the Global Survey on Consumer Confidence , confidence in Latin America increased by two points in the second quarter of 2017 and the global average improved by three points since the Buy Egypt Whatsapp Numbers end of last year, driven above all by digital commerce. how can you know what consumers expect from the brand? Offering exactly what they are expecting. Ensures better retention and attention which.


The Type of Content Most Requested by Consumers:

Information about the products. From technical sheets that include its functionality to photographs. Highlighting the characteristics of the products and adapting them to different formats will be more effective in completing the sale.
tutorials. Something that the consumer focuses on the most is the descriptions and “how to do things”. This is how showing those forms of how to forces every brand to include it in their blog and social networks.

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