The future of digital marketing lies. On mobile devices particularly mobile advertising. Statista forecasts indicate that in Mexico. Of the population will have a mobile phone. Without a doubt, the figures show us a favorable panorama for everything related to marketing focused on mobile devices and its scope does not seem to stop since that relatively distant 2007 when the iPhone saw the light. In countries like the United States, mobile video advertising was the fastest growing segment of digital marketing in 2016, according to data from eMarketer. Today there are many possibilities to take marketing efforts to the mobile side but the future will require a more specialized approach to meet consumer expectations.


For This Reason, It Is Expected That Far From What Is Currently

The case regarding the size of the screens, with better resolution and quality, vertical and horizontal formats, duration and speed, and the omission of sound, mobile will contemplate the following: As mentioned at the beginning, the Buy France Whatsapp Numbers forecasts of different research agencies indicate that video advertising on mobile devices will continue to increase its presence with more specific segmentations to reach the right consumers in a timely manner. The existing generations will be the target. To be reached not only. The millennials, despite the fact that today they.


The Limitations With the Devices Will Be Less and Less, So

Work will begin on better experiences that are specifically. Created for them. Content strategies and technology should. We mean the fusion of mobile and display advertising. Currently this crossover is already being. Will be more advanced formats where. A video will be able to change to a more interactive. Format with dynamic elements and rich media.

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