Of course this includes the most famous examples, but Arets also gives countless other cases that are usually review less often. The case about Country as a Service, Estonia, in particular, is an inspiring story that shows that governments are quite capable of leading the way in the digital world. B2B cases are also discussed, although I should have given this a larger share.

Platforms What It Has Been Calle

However, there are simply fewer of B2B examples. Fortunately, the prediction is that this will take off. Or as the writer says: “The real revolution is yet to come.” All in all, the book is interesting for anyone who wants to keep an eye on the world. From starting entrepreneurs Bolivia WhatsApp Number List to seasoned CEOs. From marketers to policy officers. And from people with a well-thought-out idea, to those who are waiting for a eureka moment.

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They Can What It Has Been Calle

Curious about this book? Want to know more about Platform Revolution From Amazon to Zalando, the impact of platforms on how we work and live (2020), from Martijn Arets? Order the book easily via management book (affiliate).

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