This has especially negative Oman Email List consequences for households in low-income countries, where around 40% of consumer spending goes to food. ” It is clear that inflation does not affect everyone equally, be they countries or people and constitutes a mechanism of the class struggle in the regressive distribution of income and in the consolidation of the pair that explains the concentration of wealth in a few hands and the extension Oman Email List poverty, validating a deepening of social inequality as an aggravated trend of capitalism. The pandemic acted as an accelerator of the reactionary restructuring dynamics of capitalism. The offensive against work was consolidated, now extended in the forms of “remote work” or “distance”, promoting gender discrimination and condemning youth to a Oman Email List precarious first job that is perpetuated.

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To the job insecurity is added a very Oman Email List strong state intervention to sustain the rate of profit and business activity, via multiple subsidies that the social group supports through the public budget. These policies were assumed globally, as a universal tendency manipulated to Oman Email List achieve a majority socio-political consensus. The strategy of capital made its way around the world, even with significant resistance, which did not manage to install a perspective to stop the offensive of capital. Moreover, in this framework, government proposals emerged clearly to the right of the political arc, demanding critical reflection from the perspective of an alternative strategy of popular power for a Oman Email List course favorable to social.


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Economic and cultural changes with Oman Email List perspectives of confrontation and overcoming of the capitalist order. Latin America and the Caribbean was a territory of hope in this sense, due to the recovery of the process of change in Bolivia, with gigantic social protagonism; the Oman Email List ratification of the socialist course in Cuba and the rejection of unilateral sanctions against Venezuela or Nicaragua. The electoral triumphs in Peru or Honduras; such as the immense mobilizations in Haiti, Colombia and Chile, which included the installation of the constituent and the electoral dispute of a coalition critical of the Pinochet regime. The possibility of recovering the leading role of alternative Oman Email List integration, the CELAC case, stimulated by Mexico.

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