Instant messaging apps have become almost essential. For millions of people and, if we had to refer to the one. With the greatest market penetration, we would. Have to talk about whatsapp. But, while it is true that they are a great tool. It is also true that users sometimes get fed up with these applications. Well, we know that the messenger today owned by facebook does not stop testing changes on the platform and, although sometimes it is right, other times it ends up causing annoyance in many of its users (the blue popcorn), in the end, it is the one with the greatest presence at the level world.
Currently whatsapp, the second social interaction platform with the largest number of users -more than 1,300 registered users- only below facebook and, of these, 53 percent connect more than once a day, according to data published in statista . But, although it is the one with the greatest presence, it does not stop seeking to improve.

The Application in Order to Maintain Its Attractiveness With

Users and make it interesting for brands. This of course, in addition to trying. To distance itself from the competition such. As Telegram, Line, iMessage or Facebook. Messenger (from the same owner). Part that one of its objectives is to improve the functioning of Groups or Groups, a lot to Usa Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists improve the user experience and the same for the one offered by Telegram. Now according to WaBetaInfo the new. Beta version of WhatsApp goes. Again for improvements in groups and. In this case it would be focused on their. Administration and management. Version 2.18.160 adds a new option to select all from.

The Main Menu and, in This Way, Allow Users to Mark as Read

Usa Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists

Or archive the conversations, simultaneously. In addition to being able to mute or leave chat groups with a single function. It should be noted that, like every beta version is known, in this case they are not official functions, at least not recognized by WhatsApp at the moment. However, after doing some tests with a group of users registered to be part of this program, the new features arrive for the rest of the subscribers worldwide with the following update.

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