And not because you didn’t perform well or made a serious mistake, but simply because you perform ‘good’ instead of ‘perfect’. CEO Reed Hastings frankly admits that Netflix’s corporate culture doesn’t suit everyone. The people who work at Netflix value freedom, responsibility and a high salary. At Netflix they often say that they are not a family, but a team. With this, Reed Hastings refers to traditional companies that often see employees as family.

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This makes it very difficult for them to fire loyal employees. Reed Hastings prefers to think of Netflix as a baseball team, with the coaches constantly on the go scouting new talents and replacing the high-performing players with perfectly Peru WhatsApp Number List presenting players. Instead, employees at Netflix benefit from a nice salary and a maximum learning curve. According to Reed Hastings, corporate culture is especially interesting for companies that want to be innovative.

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The Netflix culture is not suitable for companies that rely heavily on procedures and controls to ensure safety, for example manufacturers of medicines, cars and aircraft. Netflix works like a base team: we’re constantly looking for better players. Is this book for you? Whether or not Netflix culture fits your business, there’s a lot to learn from the book ‘ No Rules Rules

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