So, the economic / social recovery in 2022 will Malaysia Phone Number List also depend on the fact that, in discourse and in practice, the BCV recognizes that our bolivar is being attacked, as the gringos have confessed, and does not continue to be involved in monetarist / neoliberal Malaysia Phone Number List paradigms. that instead of solving they do the job to imperialism. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the European socialist camp together with the transition to market mechanisms in the People’s Republic of China and its mixed economy, capitalism felt triumphant. ” End of history and ideologies ” he shouted jubilant (although whoever uttered that cry of victory, Francis Fukuyama, some Malaysia Phone Number List years later was dismissed).

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At that time, nothing seemed to exist Malaysia Phone Number List beyond “ market democracies”. The arrival of Covid-19 and its wake of disasters came to clearly show what this “success” means: the privatizations of the health systems of previous years transformed the emergency into a brutal health crisis. And then, no matter how vaccines appeared, the disgustingly shameful way in which the privileged Malaysia Phone Number List First World monopolized them to the detriment of the vast majority of the planet (at the time of writing this booklet in the prosperous North – and in Cuba! – it is vaccinated about 80% of the population; in Africa: 8%. Where is the triumph?) showed what capitalism Malaysia Phone Number List really is: “ morally disgusting epidemiological insanity ”, as expressed by the Director-General of the WHO,


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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus . The Malaysia Phone Number List neoliberal policies that had been imposed for those years of the fall of real socialisms completed the picture: capital dealt a terrible blow to the world working class, the poor, the “poor people”, as Frei Betto put it. In that horizon of hopelessness, when no one was talking about class struggle, exploitation, imperialism, the Bolivarian Revolution Malaysia Phone Number List appeared in Venezuela – 21st century socialism it was called – and a series of Latin American countries, always by way of elections, had governments of center-left (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras). It is worth saying that there was no talk of class struggle Malaysia Phone Number List either , but there were definitely improvements in the quality of life of the great popular majorities.

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