I see the danger that IT functions stimulate digital workplace efforts and do not really incorporate behavior and work forms into the desired results .” He then lists three major needs: Meetings: all meetings become online meetings, how Venezuela Phone Number List do we make them better? Management: helping employees to work remotely, and being able to monitor the work themselves.

We Also environment in our book

Mentoring: connecting senior and junior colleagues, sharing knowledge. The digital work environment for hybrid working How do you work on a digital work environment that supports hybrid working, the hybrid organization? A number of factors are important for this: Provide an overarching vision and strategy for the digital work environment as a whole.

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Venezuela Phone Number List

So not just one tool or per silo: HR has a vision and strategy for the self-service portal. IT for documents and collaboration, Communication for the intranet, and so on. With such a strategy, ensure more coherence between tools and systems. A good working method for this is what Tabhita Minten and I call the association of owners. The digital work environment in our book.

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