He has more laps than a dog to lie down” … the laps Andorra Email Lists do not finish defining what to do or not do; popular sayings have that fine irony to define human behavior. In time even the language changes, before they called it “pishachi” … now, no vulgarities, they are Andorra Email Lists called “pets”, something abstract and indefinite, it does not matter if it is a dog, cat or cues. Before they gave him meat, fish, rice, polenta and everything that was left over from lunch or dinner. Not now, they have their “balanced meal”, the poor critters do not know what they eat, but they have no other choice. Humans say that they “take care of their health”, the “pet” market sells them Andorra Email Lists beds, pillows, capes for the cold, shoes,

The dog bites its tail with the IMF and Eternal Debt

they take them to bathe, brush and Andorra Email Lists curl them, others cut off their ears and tail to expose them in dog and cat beauty championships, etc., etc. Poor “bugs”, they no longer know what they are, locked in apartments without being able to smell the ass of another similar. The only thing left for them is to go round and round to lie down and bite their tail, if they have it and they did not cut it off. Some Andorra Email Lists humans think that dogs, cats and horses are wise, because they do not speak. Of course, they think that when they come to power everything will change; patience and silence are the weapon of the dominated species. Let’s go back to the beginning, “He has more laps than dog to lie down” and Andorra Email Lists while trying to sleep he bites his tail and dreams of his liberation.

The strategy of the oligarchy against the Historical Pact

Humans imitate dogs and in the centuries of Andorra Email Lists coexistence they end up being mimetic, until the last time the “pets” know that they are what they are not: something like “neither chichi, nor lemonade”. Time passes and memory is fragile, oblivion remains under the rug, or on a shelf or drawer; They say that pishachis, pets or whatever they want to call it have instinct, humans intelligence. Could it be so? … that animals do not forget, people do. So let’s refresh the memory. During the military dictatorship, in the marches we sang in Andorra Email Lists rebellion, “the foreign debt, the repression ……”. Alejandro Olmos, a patriot of today, almost 40 years ago denounced the IMF, the World Bank and commercial banks, for looting, robbery and all the qualifying adjectives of the Foreign Debt, immoral, unpayable, as another mechanism of domination of the Andorra Email Lists peoples. It was managed to bring to trial, but with more laps than dog to lie down.

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